When "it MUST be reliable" matters

CST Group

is a vertically integrated group of companies that provide manufacturing and engineering services to technology-driven companies. We specialize in mission critical products where the cost of failure exceeds the cost of the equipment.

A high level focus on quality, reliability and process control drives very high standards for our services.

When more than just "built-to-print" matters

CST Group manufacturing ensures that your finished product will work as intended because we appreciate that your commercial success is what's most important. Our manufacturing specialists and engineers will work with you to make sure we understand your product so that it performs as designed. Need design upgrades? Our engineering group can help with that too.

When a proven track record matters

CST Group is a group of three companies under common ownership. We have a proven track record of 15 years providing design and manufacturing services to major corporations. Our engineering group has inventors on over 20 industry patents. Our manufacturing group has delivered several hundred million of dollars worth of hi-tech assets with excellent performance…and are still in service.


SensorWise is a high-tech engineering organization offering multi-discipline services for product development. Our balanced combination of analysis, design, prototyping, and testing ensures cost effective, successful results.


Primary Sourcing operates 70,000 square foot facility that is sub-divided into individual suites for specific manufacturing processes and customer confidentiality. The superior technical talent at Primary Sourcing produces custom products built to operate with a high level of reliability.


Masterpiece Machine and Manufacturing has 10,000 square feet devoted to precision manufacturing, performed on CNC lathes and mills in addition to wire and sinker Electrical Discharge Machines and others. An extensive array of quality control equipment ensures that the finished product matches specifications exactly.